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[Herald Design Forum 2020] Herald Design Forum 2020 goes live

(The Korea Herald)
(The Korea Herald)
Herald Design Forum 2020 is to be broadcast live on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. An online forum was decided upon in consideration of participants’ health and safety amid COVID-19. However, the content of this year’s forum is more abundant than ever.

Beginning with a congratulatory speech by Richard Armstrong of the Guggenheim Museum, one of the world’s most innovative art and design galleries, the forum will also feature a keynote speech by Ron Arad, one of the world’s top three industrial designers. Hans Ulrich Obrist, the director of the British Serpentine Gallery and one of the world’s most highly acclaimed curators, will share his experiences involving art museums, architecture, art galleries and design. Tomas Saraceno, who gained recognition for his work on the project “Connect, BTS” in South Korea, will discuss the future in regards to topics he plans to address in his work, such as architecture, aviation science, space science, physics and biology.

The forum will have an impressive lineup of Korean speakers as well. Architect Kim Chan-joong of Healing Stay Kosmos, which won the Design Award for Best New Hotel from British magazine Wallpaper, will be there along with creative director Jung Ku-ho, owner of the fashion brand KUHO -- an individual who expresses his personality through film, dance and the way he lives his life. In addition, the forum will welcome Sean Lee, CEO of the creative group “d’strict,” which gained global popularity for the realistic wave video “Wave” in Coex SMTown in Samseong-dong, as well as Shin Woo-seok, CEO of the Dolphiners, who creates videos and uses word play such as “overwhelming s-kale” and “Uniqlo Wonder Pants” to turn cliches on their head. Noh Kyung-rok, co-founder of Stayfolio, which curates carefully selected accommodations, and also the CEO of Z-lab, the architectural firm that produces Stayfolio’s accommodations, will share the vision and philosophy behind his work.

Articles by Herald Design Forum speakers will be published twice a week starting today to give readers a head start in getting to know them. Through the speakers’ words, you can envision the next 10 years innovated by design.

And with Herald Design Forum 2020, you can experience them in advance through our newspaper.

▶ Date: Oct. 22, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

▶ Theme: The Next 10 Years

▶ Speakers:

- Ron Arad, industrial designer (keynote speaker)

- Hans Ulrich Obrist, director, British Serpentine Gallery

- Tomas Saraceno, artist

- Kim Chan-joong, architect

- Jung Ku-ho, creative director, KUHO

- Sean Lee, CEO, d’strict

- Shin Woo-seok, CEO, Dolphiners

- Noh Kyung-rok, CEO, Z-Lab

▶ Ticketing dates: Sept. 15 to Oct. 21

▶ Ticket price: 99,000 won (20% discount for groups of 20 or more)

▶ Ticket sales: Interpark, Herald Design Homepage (

▶ Individual ticket inquiries: (02)727-0474

▶ Group ticket inquiries: (02)727-0043