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Musical ‘Sonata of a Flame’ viewed online in 45 countries

Musical “Sonata of a Flame” is livestreamed via Presented Live. (Shins Wave)
Musical “Sonata of a Flame” is livestreamed via Presented Live. (Shins Wave)

Original Korean musical “Sonata of a Flame” has been viewed in 45 countries online, according to its production company Shins Wave on Tuesday.

The musical, which kicked off its run on Sept. 11 in Daehangno, Seoul, livestreams 13 of 18 live in-person performances. The 13 performances are streamed globally, with the exception of China and Indonesia, via a local tech startup‘s online platform, Presented Live.

According to a press release shared by Shins Wave on Tuesday, viewers in 45 countries have watched the show so far. Tickets, priced at 44,000 won, have sold the most in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in that order.

That the musical features such K-pop stars as Ryeowook of Super Junior, Hui of Pentagon and Yoo Hwe-seung of N.Flying boosted viewing overseas. Also, each livestreamed performance is produced differently, resulting in some viewers watching the show multiple times.

The production company decided to go both offline and online with the show, as the number of theatergoers at live performances is limited in compliance with social distancing measures.

Based on Kim Dong-in‘s 1930 short novel “Sonata of a Flame,” the musical centers on the story of a composer referred to as J, who feels pressured after his debut work becomes a hit.

The musical “Sonata of a Flame” will livestream online through Sunday.

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