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[Video] DIY bead bracelets go viral as way to tackle coronavirus fatigue

People have come up with innovative alternatives to keep themselves entertained as the novel coronavirus persists worldwide. New hobbies tailored for the pandemic era are flourishing on social media, aiming to combat the fatigue induced by extended social distancing and working from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rise in creative DIY activities, including bead bracelets. Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation posted pictures of her self-made bead bracelets, which garnered the attention of many fans. Soon after, people took to social media and uploaded photos of their outcomes. The fashion staple can be easily made at home, allowing people -- especially adults -- to reminisce about childhood memories.

The handmade wrist ornament is one of the ways to overcome physical and psychological weariness during the pandemic period. South Korea enforced strict social distancing measures in the greater Seoul area from Aug. 30 through Sept. 13. Restrictions have eased a bit, but in order to drop by cafes and restaurants, people are now required to leave their phone numbers for future tracing in case there is a fresh outbreak of the coronavirus.

Please check out the video to learn learn how to make bracelets and join the safety-centered fashion trend.

Video script and article by Park Jun-hee (
Video shot and edited by Ju Young-eun (