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Smilegate, UNESCO to support children’s education campaign in South Asia


Smilegate said Thursday that it has teamed up with UNESCO to support an education campaign for children in less-developed countries in South Asia.

According to the South Korean game company, the Smilegate Foundation’s Hope Studio signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO to jointly develop education programs and to support and raise funds to help South Asian countries develop more independent education systems.

Hope Studio will first support “UNESCO Bridge Asia,” which provides free basic education necessary for daily lives -- such as reading, writing and math -- and job training programs for unprivileged children who can’t benefit from public education in South Asian countries.

“Due to the prolonged coronavirus outbreak, the international community’s support for disadvantaged children is shrinking,” Smilegate Foundation director Kwon Yeon-ju said. “By working together with UNESCO, which has a vast global network, Smilegate has established a model in which both parties can collaborate in the post-coronavirus era.”

By Kim Byung-wook (
Korea Herald daum