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How fungal infection can be treated

Terbinew Gel (Dong-A Pharmaceutical)
Terbinew Gel (Dong-A Pharmaceutical)

Hardened heels, or plantar callus, can turn out to be a fungal infection known as athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot in the heels is difficult to distinguish from callus, as it does not itch. To the eye, it may appear like any ordinary hardened heel.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical said Thursday it released over-the-counter drug Terbinew Gel in time for summer, when such conditions tend to spike.

Terbinew Gel is a percolative cream that forms a film on the applied skin surface. By creating this additional skin barrier, Terbinew Gel increases the moisture level in the outermost dead skin layer and loosens up its cell density.

Then through the softened callus the anti-fungal pharmaceutical agent of Terbinew Gel is able to enter.

The company also has Terbinew Once to treat athlete’s foot symptoms through a single, 24-hour dressing, according to the firm.

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