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In-person music theater festival to take place

EG Project’s cine-performance “Melies Illusion” (UMTF)
EG Project’s cine-performance “Melies Illusion” (UMTF)

It’s coming three months later than planned, but the 19th Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival will be held with live audiences from Aug. 7-16 in the Gyeonggi Province city.

The in-person performing arts festival will take place at Uijeongbu Arts Center and other cultural facilities in Uijeongbu, just northeast of Seoul. Originally slated to take place in May, the UMTF was postponed twice due to the spread of COVID-19.

The festival will introduce 11 indoor and 24 outdoor shows, marking a total of more than 50 performances. This year, due to the limited overseas travel, the lineup is consisting of domestic artists and art troupes.

This year’s festival will open with performing illusion company EG Project’s cine-performance “Melies Illusion” on Aug. 7.

Performances by leading artists, including gugak-rock band Jambinai, Korean folk song master Lee Hee-moon and his jazz band Prelude, will follow.

For preemptive measures against the COVID-19 spread, the oraganizers will open only 30 percent of the seats for indoor performances. For outdoor performances, they will receive reservations for 100 audience members per show in advance.

For more information, check the festival’s official website at

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