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More people over 50 use online platforms amid pandemic


More Koreans in their 50s in Korea have started using online platforms since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a survey showed Friday.

According to the survey conducted on 500 people over the age of 50 by the corporate social responsibility unit of Lina Life Insurance, 38 percent of respondents answered that they started using online livestreaming services for the first time after COVID-19.

Six out of 10 people said they are using online platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

Around 32 percent of the respondents started using online shopping, food delivery and financial services for the first time. They used online financial solutions after the pandemic reached 27 percent.

Financial solutions, however, proved more difficult. Two out of 10 people said they have had difficulties using online insurance and financial services.

Around 26 percent of respondents said they have trouble getting used to health care services.

The survey also pointed out the digital divide that people in their 60s face. Around 24 percent of female respondents aged over 60 have never learned how to use online financial services, while 21 percent of them use no online services at all.

“Women who are aged 60 years or more tend to feel more isolated compared to others (due to the digital divide),” the report said. “Digital capabilities will become more important as technology reinforces socially distanced lifestyle.”

By Shim Woo-hyun (