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NK's paper stresses antivirus efforts at major gateways for trade


North Korea's official newspaper on Wednesday stressed the importance of antivirus efforts at the country's major seaports and land-based gateways for trade as the communist state is striving to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus.

North Korea's media outlets have intensified calls for people not to lower their guard against COVID-19 since leader Kim Jong-un demanded "maximum alert," saying complacency will lead to an "unimaginable and irretrievable crisis."

"Stepped-up inspection and quarantine efforts are underway on imported goods," the Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the North's ruling party, said in an article. "Inspection and quarantine on goods at border areas, seaports and railway stations are strictly being carried out."

The paper also said that medical checks on people and disinfection on transportation means entering through seaports are being executed, with waste water from all ships being disposed in a way to reduce the chances of the virus spreading.

In another article, the paper reported on preventive efforts underway in the northwestern city of Sinuiju, saying that the country is maintaining round-the-clock surveillance in border regions to prevent the inflow of the virus via air, rivers and streams.

North Korea has not reported any confirmed coronavirus infections, but it has taken relatively swift and drastic antivirus measures since early this year, including shutting down its border and toughening quarantine criteria. (Yonhap)