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NK named 39th most dangerous country in world


North Korea was named the 39th most dangerous country in the world, according to a risk management report published by the European Commission on Thursday.

In the Index for Risk Management 2020 report, North Korea received 5.2 out of 10 points in the Inform global risk index, 39th highest among the 191 countries reviewed.

The Inform global risk index is calculated based on the country’s hazard and exposure; vulnerability; and lack of coping capacity.

The higher the index, the greater the risk.

North Korea’s GRI and global ranking in dangerousness rose from 4.7 points and 55th last year.

This year, the country received 6.5 points in lack of coping capacity, and 4.7 each in vulnerability; and hazard and exposure.

In the hazard and exposure dimension, which consists of natural and human categories, North Korea got 5.1 for natural hazard and exposure, which again breaks down into 7.4 for flood, 6.5 for tropical cyclone, 4.9 for earthquake, 4.6 for tsunami, 3.3 for drought and 2.8 for epidemic.

North Korea received 4.3 for human hazard and exposure.

In the vulnerability dimension, the destitute state got 5.8 for socioeconomic vulnerability – an especially high mark of 8.4 in development and deprivation, and 6.1 in inequality.

North Korea received 3.3 for vulnerable groups whose health condition was 3.9 and food security was 9.4.

South Korea received a GRI of 2.1, higher than only 40 other countries among the 190 countries reviewed, with lower risk indicators compared to the North in all segments but natural hazards such as typhoons (8.5) and tsunami (7.6).

By Kim So-hyun (