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Huons first Korean firm to export KF94 masks to Washington

Huons Global said Tuesday that it will be the first South Korean firm to supply high-filtration masks to the state of Washington in the US.

“This deal shows that Huons’ epidemic prevention products have gained trust. We are also exchanging messages with the state of New York, where we anticipate to sign more deals,” said Um Key-an, CEO of Huons.

Huons had signed deals to export various epidemic prevention tools to the US since May. The six deals amount to roughly 8 billion won ($6.6 million).

The newest deal, and the first for KF94 masks, will be executed in July through Huons USA, based in Seattle.

The local government had initially thought to import Chinese KN95 masks until eventually choosing those of Huons, according to the firm.

The masks will be supplied to the Washington University School of Medicine, and will be used at the forefront of the medical professionals’ war against the COVID-19 pandemic, Huons said.