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[Best Brand] Hyundai E&C‘s brand marketing of Hillstate apartment, keeps it stay afloat

Hillstate Dajeon The Sky (Hyundai E&C)
Hillstate Dajeon The Sky (Hyundai E&C)


Hyundai Engineering & Construction, the construction company of South Korea‘s top apartment brand Hillstate, steps ahead to take the residential experience and brand image to the next level.

Hillstate is an award-winning apartment brand with high public awareness for its design, landscaping and convenience facilities that it offers its residents.

The apartment brand is widely known for its smart features designed to ensure a secure, convenient and safe residential experience. Among them is Hillstate’s fine dust solution, which gets rid of harmful fine dust, germs, viruses and volatile organic compounds. The housing units also support diverse internet of things-based features that allow residents of remote monitoring and control of appliances and systems with their mobile gadgets.

To exercise sufficient quality control, Hyundai E&C has created a manual that provides detailed guides to follow when launching new housing units.

The manual, which even elaborates on colors and the sizes of bathroom tiles, makes sure the quality of its buildings throughout the entire building process, from construction to follow-up management.

The company also annually invites external experts and has them check that the manual has been strictly followed.

Meanwhile, Hyundai E&C is starting sales of the new residential complex Hillstate Dajeon The Sky in this month. The complex comprises of three multipurpose buildings that contain 358 housing units and commercial areas.