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[Best Brand] Skin rejuvenating mask tows SNP's overseas business


Skin rejuvenating facial masks are the secret behind SNP’s global success, according to the firm. SNP, a skin care beauty brand under the company SD Technologies, touts the Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask as its bestselling product.

Using nourishing natural ingredients form swiftlet nests, the famed SNP bird’s nest masks are rich in protein and vitamins.

The swiftlet’s nest has 200 times the sialic acid than royal jelly, providing effective care to epidermal barrier and skin regeneration, SNP said. The mask also has pennywort extract, betaine, witch hazel peels that have moisturizing qualities.

The mask sheet is made of natural cellulose that covers the face without causing irritation, according to the company.

Since launching in July 2014, SNP has sold over 300 million masks.

SNP’s rising line is its three different Sleeping Packs, named Bird’s Nest Water Sleeping Pack, Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack and Diamond Water Sleeping Pack.

Unlike the conventional sleeping packs, these are single-use mask packs that come in a stick-type pouch. It has topped the sleeping pack category in China‘s biggest online shopping mall Taobao and Tmall.

Another SNP steady seller is its hydrogel eye patch that doubles as a patch for nasolabial smile lines. Choices range from Ruby Nutrition Eye Patch to Black Pearl Renew Eye Patch, Gold Collagen Eye Patch and Bird’s Nest Aqua Eye Patch.

SNP said its mission is to give people what its acronym brand name stands for: “shining,” “nature” and “purity.” It is the main brand under SD Technologies, and was also the first.

SD Technologies was established in September 2008 focusing on skin and health care.

Other than SNP, SD Technologies has colored makeup cosmetics brand Celebeau; urban pollution-tackling dermatologic cosmetic brand hddn=lab; professional barber grooming brand for men M’Solic; organic cotton-covered female sanitary pads brand Daywith; and woman’s fitness and health supplement brand v:habit.