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Celltrion plans 2 types of COVID-19 test kits for overseas markets

‘Point-of-care test’ and ‘rapid diagnostic test’ kits prepared in collaboration with BBB, Humasis

Celltrion researchers (Celltrion)
Celltrion researchers (Celltrion)
Celltrion said Tuesday that it plans to release two types of COVID-19 test kits for approval this month for overseas markets from no later than July.

Both tests require just 15 to 20 minutes’ analyzation time, Celltrion said.

Celltrion has co-developed point-of-care tests with kit maker BBB.

The tests use small machinery that analyzes blood and saliva. They are characterized for their 95 percent high sensitivity, as well as being slightly costly. Celltrion said it will have the point-of-care tests bundle certified in June and made available overseas in July.

More immediately ready are the rapid diagnostic tests developed by pregnancy-test maker Humasis.

Humasis’ COVID-19 tests are already approved for sales; the company will market the product under the Celltrion brand starting this month.

Rapid diagnostic tests are easier to use and more affordable alternatives to point-of-care tests.

Celltrion said it will prioritize the supply to nations deemed to have comparatively weaker public health care infrastructure, or those hurrying to normalize the national economy.

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