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Cleanwrap selling flagship sanitary gloves on Amazon


Cleanwrap, a leading food packaging company in South Korea, said Wednesday that its flagship Clean Gloves are now available through the US shopping website Amazon.

The company’s sanitary gloves received attention during the general election, held April 15, when 1.25 million packs (or 60 million gloves) were supplied to polling stations across the country to prevent voters from contracting COVID-19.

According to the company, its sanitary gloves and plastic bags are made of nontoxic materials certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. More than 290 million packs of Clean Gloves were sold between their launch in 1997 and March this year, the company said.

“I am delighted that Clean Gloves, which played a major role in the April 15 general election, will be able to support efforts in preventing the spread of COVID-19, not only in Korea but also around the world, by entering Amazon,” said CEO Seung Mun-su.

Cleanwrap currently exports products to 28 countries, including China, Hong Kong and Russia, and is working to expand its distribution channels, the company said.

By Jo He-rim (