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Han Sung Motor to offer free, unlimited service for engine oil

Han Sung Motor, an official local dealer of Mercedes-Benz in Korea, said Thursday it will offer customers free and unlimited service for changing engine oil and oil filter. 

The promotion applies to those who purchase a new car from Han Sung Motor in June, regardless of models or trims including Mercedes-AMG lineup. 

Through the promotion, customers can enjoy engine oil and oil filter change service at Han Sung Motor’s 20 service centers across the country, even after the official guarantee period of three years. 

Those who purchase compact car lineup including A-Class and CLA will receive the service from the moment of purchase, while those who buy other models will be eligible when the three-year guarantee period ends. 

Han Sung Motor said the promotion will allow customers to enjoy maintenance and repair of Mercedes-Benz cars more efficiently and with better accessibility. 

“We put offering customers the highest satisfaction as a priority. We want to lessen their burden of maintenance costs,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung.

By Kim Da-sol (
Korea Herald Youtube