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Amorepacific launches vegan-friendly cosmetics brand Enough Project

Enough Project (Amorepacific)
Enough Project (Amorepacific)

Amorepacific, a leading cosmetics manufacturer here, launched Enough Project on Monday, a vegan-friendly lifestyle brand highlighting practicality.

Under the new brand, Amorepacific presented seven new products including cleansing oil, essential lotion products and sun screen. The products are all vegan-friendly, with no animal testing and no animal-derived ingredients, the company said.

According to the company, its main moisturizing cream has beta-hyaluronic acid, which is 1.5 times more affective in skin regeneration, and also contains Bakuchiol, a plant-based chemical compound, which possesses antioxidant.

The brand promotes a simple design that does not tie to any gender and age, and promotes practicality in that sense, the company explained.

Enough Project is exclusively launched at Coupang, an e-commerce platform. The company said it chose the e-commerce platform to launch the new brand, seeing the increasing consumer interest in digital channels.

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