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Samsung Electronics investors grow 5 times after stock split


The number of investors holding Samsung Electronics shares surged more than five times after the company divided the face value of stocks two years ago, data showed Sunday.

According to data filed by the Financial Supervisory Service, common shares issued by Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest chipmaker, were held by more than 1.36 million investors in the first quarter, a 565 percent increase from the same quarter two years ago, with 241,513 investors. Stocks worth 1.25 trillion won ($1.02 billion) were traded daily in the first four months of the year, a 75.34 percent increase from the same period in 2018.

On May 4, 2018, the crown jewel of the Samsung empire lowered the face value of its stocks from 5,000 won to 100 won, with an aim of improving long-term corporate value and making the stock purchase more accessible for individual investors.

The 50:1 stock split increased the number of common issued shares from 128.4 million to 6.42 billion shares, with each share worth one-fiftieth of its original value. Just prior to the stock split, a Samsung Electronics common share traded at 2.65 million won.

Samsung Electronics closed at 48,800 won Friday, after peaking at 62,400 won on Jan. 20, right before the nation’s stock market was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Improved accessibility to Samsung stocks by individual investors appears to have resisted a further stock price plunge, according to market watchers. Between Jan. 20 and May 8, retail investors purchased 8.78 trillion won of Samsung Electronics stocks, while foreigners offloaded 7.88 trillion won in the same period.