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New AI thriller to be launched exclusively on YouTube

Still from “AI Her” (Newplus Original)
Still from “AI Her” (Newplus Original)

With more videos being launched through various over-the-top platforms, Korean content creator Newplus Original is releasing the new series on artificial intelligence “AI Her,” exclusively through YouTube, starting Tuesday.

“AI Her” is a six-episode science fiction thriller about a future where human experiences can be shared through computers, eroding the boundaries between mankind and artificial intelligence.

According to Newplus Original, the YouTube series is a spinoff of feature film “Fallen” by director Lee Jung-sub, who also directed and wrote scripts for the upcoming series. “Fallen” tells the story of a renowned sci-fi writer attempting to escape her kidnappers using her imagination. On March 8, the film was honored at the 40th FantasPorto-Oporto International Film Festival in Portugal, winning the Jury Special Mention Award.

The upcoming series will feature rookie actors from Korea including actress Yang Ji from “Fallen,” along with actress Sung Hye-mi and actors Jang Tae-young and Lee Ji-yong.

For a more accurate portrayal of how the technologies affect humans, Newplus Original said it received consultations from movement director Francesca Jaynes, who was involved in Hollywood productions “Gravity” (2013) and “Black Widow” (2020).

“AI Her” poster (Newplus Original)
“AI Her” poster (Newplus Original)

Each episode of “AI Her,” around 20 minutes in length, will be set inside the same universe but unfold with tales of different characters.

The first three episodes will be revealed on the Newplus Original channel on YouTube every two weeks at 7 p.m. Tuesday starting this week. The release schedule for the remaining three episodes will be announced later.

Along with “AI Her,” the Korean production scene is seeing the flourishing of shows tapping into sci-fi elements and mankind‘s advancement and unease accompanying the new technologies.

In July, Korean OTT service Wavve will be releasing “SF8,” a sci-fi anthology series made up of eight stand-alone episodes each produced by different film directors. The series is jointly produced by broadcast network MBC and Wavve, and will also be released through MBC in the following month.

In addition, currently airing TV shows such as OCN action-thriller “Rugal” -- about a group of human weapons empowered by biotechnology -- and tvN romantic drama “A Piece of Your Mind” -- featuring Jung Hae-in as an AI programmer in love -- are also futuristic shows set in a near future.

Newsplus Original is an OTT-specialized content company that aims to make films, short series and documentaries on AI technology and robots, blending them into drama and romance stories.

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