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Eric returns with rom-com “Eccentric! Chef Moon”

Actress Koh Won-hee and actor Eric Mun pose for a picture before “Eccentric! Moon Chef” press conference on Friday. (Channel A)
Actress Koh Won-hee and actor Eric Mun pose for a picture before “Eccentric! Moon Chef” press conference on Friday. (Channel A)

Singer-actor Eric Mun is returning to the small screen in four years to feature in Channel A’s new miniseries “Eccentric! Chef Moon,” with actress Koh Won-hee.

The new series, set to air Friday night, will feature the 43-year-old as star chef Moon Seung-mo who falls in love with a reckless fashion designer Yoo Yoo-jin.

Taking place in the rural and fictional Seoha Village in the northern Chungcheong Province, the drama will unfold a warm story as the two characters develop love.

“After taking a break from acting, I was looking for dramas with more warm story lines compared to those of my previous pieces where I was mostly featured as a cold and sensitive character. I decided to star in this series because of the pleasant feeling through the characters and setting of the story,” Mun said during a press conference held online Friday.

This is also his first appearance on a television drama since he tied the knot with actress Na Hye-mi in 2017. Previous to the marriage, Mun starred in smash-hit romantic comedies “Another Miss Oh” in 2016 and “Discovery of Love” in 2014.

Producer Choi Do-hoon said during the media event that he had Mun in mind as the chef role from the very start.

“Mun is actually a good cook and he sticks well with Moon Seung-mo’s image, so I really hoped he would take the role, and thankfully he accepted it,” Choi said.

Mun’s active involvement in cooking variety shows was one of the reasons why Choi found Mun well-suited for a chef role. Starting with “Three Meals a Day” in 2014, after another season of the tvN show in 2017, Mun appeared on “Law of the Jungle” and “Wheeled Restaurant” in the years following.

Living up to the expections, it is told that Mun pulled off the chef role perfectly. According to Choi, Mun performed more than 90 percent of all the cooking scenes himself.

Koh said her character as Yoo-jin will be a dynamic and comic one.

“She shows a completely different personality after losing her memory. I’ll be showing diverse aspects of myself in the drama,” Koh said.

Veteran actor Ahn Nae-sang will be acting a cold-hearted successful businessman Im Cheol-yong who is “a man driven by greed” according to the actor’s explanation.

Other casts include Gil Hae-yeon, Cha Jung-won and Choi Kwang-jae.

The 16-episode series will air every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m.

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