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McDonald’s Korea donates burgers, pies to support Guro

McDonald‘s Korea logo says it delivers a “happy burger.” (McDonald’s Korea)
McDonald‘s Korea logo says it delivers a “happy burger.” (McDonald’s Korea)

McDonald’s Korea said Monday it will provide free burgers and pies to volunteers and those vulnerable in Seoul’s Guro-gu, where a cluster infection of COVID-19 recently emerged from a call center.

According to the burger chain, it will deliver 2,000 McChicken sandwiches and 2,000 pie products, including corn and apple pies, via the Community Chest of Korea to Guro. The food will be offered to the district disinfection volunteers and 44 community centers, including dwelling facilities for children and the handicapped.

“We want to deliver our appreciation to the volunteers working hard with disinfection and also support for those who face difficulties taking care of meals,” a McDonald’s official said.

Guro suffered from a cluster infection of the novel coronavirus early this month when an increasing number of confirmed patients erupted at a call center office in a 19-story building. As of Sunday, 152 confirmed cases of COVID-19 are linked to the district call center.

By Jo He-rim (