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Netflix to exclusively release ‘Time to Hunt’

Film’s foreign sales company labels as “undone deal”

“Time to Hunt” (Netflix)
“Time to Hunt” (Netflix)
The film “Time to Hunt” will be released next month exclusively through video streaming platform Netflix, the film’s distributor Little Big Pictures said Monday.

Originally slated to be released late last month, the film’s opening had been indefinitely postponed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. This marks the first time Netflix is exclusively releasing a film originally scheduled for a theatrical release.

“Considering the danger of the COVID-19 virus continuing to spread across the globe, we have decided that it would be the best way to introduce the film to a larger audience,” the distributor said in an official statement.

Netflix also confirmed the upcoming release Monday, saying the film will be launched on April 10 to 190 countries with subtitles in 29 languages.

Meanwhile, Contents Panda, the company in charge of the film' overseas distribution, alleges Little Big Pictures broke their contract unilaterally.

“We have signed contracts with distributors in some 30 countries and contributed to the film‘s promotion ahead of the Berlinale," a Contents Panda official told The Korea Herald on Monday. "We have clearly said that the contract cannot be unilaterally terminated," the official said, adding that the company learned that Netflix would have the exclusive right to distribute the film only through media reports Monday.

“This is not a problem of our company dealing with Little Big Pictures, but an issue of trust between the Korean film sales companies and the distributors in other countries,” the official added.

Big Little Pictures did not respond to specific requests for comments. Netflix said it had no comments on the issue.

“Time to Hunt” is the second feature-length film by director Yoon Sung-hyun, who was recognized as best new director at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2011 with debut film “Bleak Night.

Starring actors Lee Je-hoon, Park Jung-min, Choi Woo-sik, Ahn Jae-hong and Park Hae-soo, the film had its world premiere at the noncompetitive special gala section of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival in February.

The upcoming film is set in a dystopian near-future where society has been completely destroyed in the aftermath of a massive economic collapse. The story follows four young men who try to survive in a hopeless city, chased by a mysterious killer amid their struggle for survival.

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