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EBS takes action to protect copyrights over Pengsoo

(Pengsoo’s official Instagram)
(Pengsoo’s official Instagram)

The Educational Broadcasting System is finally taking action to protect its copyrights over the popular character Pengsoo, after numerous infringements since the beloved penguin debuted last year.

The broadcasting company announced Friday that it had signed a contract with the MIJU Law Firm, which specializes in intellectual property rights infringement issues online.

“EBS and MIJU Law Firm already investigated both online and offline cases of copyright infringement of Pengsoo. We are ready to counteract those wrongdoings,” the announcement read.

EBS added that it would also cooperate with the authorities to crack down on exporters that have infringed its copyrights over Pengsoo.

Pengsoo, a costumed penguin who debuted on EBS’ YouTube channel in April, has charmed Koreans with its straightforward attitude and by frankly voicing its opinions and feelings. The YouTube channel Giant PengTV has more than 2.1 million subscribers and now features English subtitles for global fans.

A Pengsoo daily planner became a bestseller last year on Yes24, a major online bookstore platform in Korea. EBS was flooded with invitations for the character to a variety of promotional events such as movie premieres.

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