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Jeonju film fest postponed due to coronavirus

Jeonju Cinema Street (JIFF)
Jeonju Cinema Street (JIFF)

The Jeonju International Film Festival has been postponed, as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues.

The organizing committee of the Jeonju IFF announced on Wednesday the decision to move the event to May 28-June 6. The 10-day event was originally slated to kick off April 30.

“We made the decision considering the possibility that COVID-19 may be of a grave threat to the health and safety of our guests,” the board of directors said in a statement.

“Although we are postponing the festival, we will monitor the progress of the outbreak and continue all our efforts to prepare for the film fest,” said the festival’s director, Lee Joon-dong.

Some 220 films will be screened at the upcoming event, with 10 Korean films, 10 foreign films and 25 short Korean films competing for top awards.

The 21st edition of the international film event will be held at the Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok, located on Jeonju’s Cinema Street.