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‘A nose ring is not weird -- you are not used to it’

Actress Han Ye-seul goes bold, backed by 620,000 YouTube subscribers

Actress Han Ye-seul created a buzz earlier this month when she attended the 34th Golden Disc Awards in western Seoul on Jan. 5.

Wearing a colorful floral off-shoulder dress and dark smoky eye makeup, she looked daring and bold, but what caught the eyes of viewers was her nose ring -- an accessory not commonly seen in the relatively conservative entertainment industry here.

Her look evoked mixed responses online, drawing both compliments and disapproval.

(Han Ye-seul's Instagram)
(Han Ye-seul's Instagram)

On Wednesday, she shared with the 620,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel a video of herself getting ready for the awards ceremony.

“It’s not weird -- you are not used to it,” she said, referring to the nose ring. “If you get used to it -- an unfamiliar thing -- it can look attractive.”

Having debuted in 2001, Han has starred in three films and more than 15 TV show productions. The 38-year-old is often described as one of the most “conventionally beautiful” celebrities.

In recent years, she has been adventurous, showcasing bold looks that other Korean actresses may not be up for, such as neon yellow hair, vampire-inspired makeup and big tattoos. 

(Han Ye-seul's Instagram)
(Han Ye-seul's Instagram)
(Han Ye-seul's YouTube channel)
(Han Ye-seul's YouTube channel)

And she explains herself on YouTube.

A month ago, Han released a video on YouTube, titled “Meaning of My Tattoo,” showing her 12 tattoos and their significance.

Explaining the “T” tattoo on her right arm, she said, “I tattooed my ex-boyfriend’s name in initials,” referring to Teddy, a music producer and former singer whom Han dated from 2013 to 2016.

“People would always ask me, ‘It’s been awhile since you’ve broken up with him. Is it OK for you to still have his name tattooed on you?’ And, of course, they can ask me (such questions), they are my close friends,” she said.

“(But the tattoo is just) part of me, such as the beautiful times or the precious memories that I have, or the things I have done in the past, the things that made me who I am now … you should be able to respect those moments no matter what,” she said.

Youths who like to speak up for themselves appreciate Han’s boldness, as seen by their online response.

“I got bored doing the same thing that I have done for a long time. There wasn’t any passion in my life, so I (decided) to go for a new adventure,” Han said on the first video released in September.

“There is nothing special about my channel, but (subscribers) will be able to see the part of me that is not shown on the small screen or on other occasions,” she said. “It’s just a channel that helps (people) to get to know me, Han Ye-seul.”

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