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NK stresses discipline on Constitution Day

The North Korean state media stressed discipline among senior officials as the country commemorated Constitution Day on Friday.

The Rodong Sinmun, official newspaper of the North’s Workers’ Party, said in its editorial that preferential treatment and double standards by ranking officials must not be permitted.


“There may be units or workers with important missions in our society, but they cannot be outside the law. … (Senior officials) should set an example for the people in doing business and living by the rules, must not seek preferential treatment, and must demonstrate integrity,” the newspaper said.

“The law of our nation is entirely for the people. … We must not allow having double standards, and must hold fast to the revolutionary principles and interests of the party and the people.”

The newspaper warned that whoever violates the law will be brought to justice by the people, and called on the judiciary to be “boundlessly inflexible and pure” in enforcing the law and “crush all kinds of non-socialist, anti-socialist elements that undermine socialism.”

North Korea has waged a “war against corruption” since late last year, and imposed heavy punishment on anyone charged with corruption.

Since its leader Kim Jong-un came to power in 2011, Pyongyang has tightened discipline among public officials in its pursuit of a state run by a system, instead of an inner circle leadership that governed the country under his father and grandfather.

‘Currently, hostile forces are strengthening their moves to crush the republic and spreading unhealthy and strange, toxic ideas,” the Rodong said, adding that abiding by the law was essential in building a strong economy.

Dec. 27 is Constitution Day in North Korea which commemorates the country’s adoption of its current constitution on Dec. 27, 1972. The nation revised its constitution twice this year to strengthen Kim’s legal status and authority.

By Kim So-hyun (