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[팟캐스트] (331) 트와이스 경찰에 신분보호요청/케이팝스타 병역면제 공청회


진행자: 임현수, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Stalked by fans, Twice gets police protection

기사요약: JYP가 스토커 문제로 경찰에 트와이스 신분보호 요청

[1] JYP Entertainment on Monday said it has requested police protection for the K-pop girl group Twice over concerns of stalkers.

* over: ~ 때문에

[2] The music label released an official announcement on its website, stating the protective measures have already taken effect in the area surrounding the label’s building in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The label added the members will be escorted by guards on all their activities.

*state: 진술하다

*protective: 보호적인

*measures: 조치

[3] “We are currently reviewing all applicable legal actions (against the stalkers), and when we are done, we will immediately proceed with the maximum-level possible,” the company stated in the announcement.

*review: 검토하다

*applicable: 적용되는

*proceed: 진행하다

[4] Last week, the company revealed it was looking into comments and issues on social media and online communities believed to constitute stalking and warned of legal actions.

*look into: ~를 조사하다

*constitute: ~이 되다

*is believed to be: ~로 믿어지는

[5] In the statement, JYP added it has filed a lawsuit against those who have spread malicious rumors about the group.

*file a suit: 고소하다


2. Dispute continues over military exemption for K-pop stars

기사요약: 안민석 요원이 참석한 공청회에서 K-pop스타들의 병역면제에 대한 토론이 진행됐다.

[1] Debate heated up over whether successful K-pop stars should be exempted from Korea’s mandatory military service during a public hearing at the National Assembly in Seoul on Thursday.

*heats up: 뜨거워지다

*exempted: 제외되다.

[2] Chaired by Rep. Ahn Min-suk of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea, the hearing saw a panel of lawmakers and culture critics call for reform of the country’s military exemption rules in order to give international K-pop stars like BTS military service exemption.

*a panel of: 패널

*call for: ~를 요청하다

[3] Pop culture critic Ha Jae-geun said exempting pop stars from military service is in the national interest, as K-pop enjoys popularity around the world and generates mounting value across industries.

*in one’s interest: ~의 이익이되는

[4] “Currently, military exemption is widely considered a favor and that’s why there are disputes over fairness. A paradigm shift is needed to better understand why there are demands for giving K-pop stars military exemption,” he said. “We should ask if it’s really in the national interest to make these (persons of) national pride just stand guard as soldiers.”

*dispute: 분쟁

*paradigm: 전형적인 예 a model for something which explains it or shows how it can be produced.

[5] Columnist Choi Chang-ho, however, said the change could backfire.

[6] “From the perspective of social psychology, people want to believe in fairness in society -- a just world. Without this, the world becomes a confusing place,” Choi said, as he explained that giving special treatment to artists could upset the public.

*special treatment: 특별대우

*just: 공정한