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Moon vows govt. efforts to transform agricultural system

President Moon Jae-in said Thursday his government will push for the epoch-making development of the country's agricultural and fisheries sectors in tandem with a response to the fourth industrial revolution.

He laid out a vision for the "bold transformation" of the farming field during a town hall meeting at the Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, some 240 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

The liberal Moon administration's policy motto is "inclusive and innovative" growth.


"The foundation of the development of Korea was farming and fishing villages," he pointed out. "The development of our remarkable industry today was possible thanks to the support of farming and fishing villages."

In the process, however, rural villages became impoverished amid a gap with urban areas, Moon added.

"Reflecting on that and recognizing the value of agriculture and fisheries, we now plan to open a new era of agriculture and fisheries," he stressed.

He described the fields as the "hope and future" of South Korea and declared a push for "people- and environment-centered" farming to encourage more people to reside in the agricultural and fisheries areas.

He cited some good indications shown in related data.

This year, the number of those who landed jobs there is estimated to total 1.36 million, up more than 90,000 compared with two years earlier, according to the president.

Half a million people are heading to relevant local areas every year for the start of a new life, Moon said.

"Half of them are aged below 40," he added.

Moon also said the government will focus on a "green new deal policy" for those regions by expanding solar and other renewable energy projects, as well as smart facilities. (Yonhap)