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Disney's 'Frozen 2' tops 10m admissions in S. Korea

Walt Disney’s sensational film “Frozen 2” surpassed 10 million admissions in South Korean theaters on Saturday.

A scene from “Frozen 2” (Disney)
A scene from “Frozen 2” (Disney)

The animated flick set the record by 2:40 p.m., according to Walt Disney Company Korea, the local film distributing unit of the US giant, based on a real-time box-office tally from the Korean Film Council.

It exceeded the mark on the 17th day since its release on Nov. 21 and became the 27th film to reach the milestone of 10 million ticket sales in South Korea.

Its 2014 predecessor, “Frozen,” posted a total attendance of 10.3 million, becoming the first animated film to achieve the feat in the country.

Thanks to the success of the first series, “Frozen 2” has smashed the South Korean box office since the first day of its release.

About 1.66 million people saw the animated film on its first Saturday alone, on par with the all-time daily high set by Marvel‘s “Avengers: Endgame” in April this year.

It also sparked a heated debate over anti-monopoly regulations in the country as the flick accounted for 74 percent of all showings available on local screens that day.

“Frozen 2” is about a journey beyond the kingdom of Arendelle three years after the events of the first film. As a mysterious voice calls out to Elsa, she, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf travel to discover the origin of Elsa’s magical power and save the endangered kingdom. (Yonhap)