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KAI succeeds in first flight of light civil helicopter

Korea Aerospace Industries has successfully performed the first flight test of its light civil helicopter, the firm said Thursday.

The helicopter delivered its first flight performances for about 20 minutes after take-off, KAI said.

Korea Aerospace Industries’ light civil helicopter (KAI)
Korea Aerospace Industries’ light civil helicopter (KAI)

The light civil helicopter, which began development in June 2015, is now applied with advanced technologies for the main gearbox, cockpit and canopy, KAI explained. It is also equipped with a main rotor and tail rotor with low vibration and noise.

The copter can be deployed for various purposes like in assistance of firefighting forces, police, coast guard and forest agencies, according to the aerospace firm. It will also be used for other applications, such as emergency medical services and VIP use.

KAI said it would promote the helicopter jointly with Airbus Helicopters, a division of Airbus, in the global market, raising the export competitiveness of the local copters. 

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