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Russian claims parachute jump from Busan LCT

A Russian man who was fined for parachuting off two high-rise buildings in Busan claimed another unauthorized jump, this time from the highest skyscraper in the city.

On Monday, Aleksey Pykhov posted to his Instagram a picture apparently taken from atop the 101-story building, with a message implying he had parachuted from the building. 

(Sceengrab from Aleksey Pykhov`s Instagram)
(Sceengrab from Aleksey Pykhov`s Instagram)

Written in Russian, the message reads, “413 meters before the jump. Sophisticated landing.”

“We can say that we jumped from the LCT building,” Pykhov stated in an email to The Korea Herald on Tuesday, adding, “We did it quietly and did no harm to anyone.”

Earlier this month, Pykhov and another Russian parachuter were booked by local police on charges of trespassing on private property. The two men had illegally parachuted from a 40-story office building and a 42-story hotel building, on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10, respectively. They each paid a fine of 5 million won ($4,250) and left the country on Nov. 22, upon the lifting of the 10-day travel ban.

Pykhov indicated to The Korea Herald that the jump had occurred within the first days of their arrival to Busan, which was Nov. 6.

During earlier investigations, police had discovered the Russians had entered the LCT tower, which is still under construction, but did not state if they had jumped from it.

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