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Painting by S. Korean abstract master Kim Whan-ki fetches 13.2b won in Hong Kong

HONG KONG -- A major dot painting by late South Korean abstract master Kim Whan-ki sold for HK$88 million, or 13.2 billion won ($11.2 million), in a Christie's auction in Hong Kong on Saturday. 


It was the first time that a South Korean painting had fetched more than 10 billion won in an auction.

The major work, "05-IV-71 #200," titled "Universe," was part of a collection that began being auctioned Saturday.

Measuring more than 2.5 meters in height and width, "Universe," a painting of blue dots, was the biggest work by Kim that had been put up for auction so far.


According to the Christie's website, Kim (1913-1974) is hailed as one of the pioneers of abstract painting in Korea.

To create works like "Universe," Christie's said, "The artist had to stand for many hours and look down upon a canvas laid on a table, bending over to mark each calligraphic dot while carefully controlling the paint with a thin ink brush."

Another of Kim's major works, "3-II-72 #220," a painting of red dots, garnered 8.5 billion won at Seoul Auction's Hong Kong sale in 2018. (Yonhap)