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Former US commanders of combined command to discuss future of alliance

Former commanders and deputy commanders of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command will gather to discuss the future of the alliance this week, forum organizers said Monday.

The Korea-US Alliance Foundation said it will host the first Former Combined Forces Command CDR-DCDR Forum at Millennium Hilton Seoul on Wednesday. The theme will be the Republic of Korea-US alliance.

(Korea-US Alliance Foundation)
(Korea-US Alliance Foundation)

Four former US commanders -- John Tilelli, Walter Sharp, James Thurman and Curtis Scaparrotti -- and four former deputy commanders -- Kim Jae-chang, Jung Seung-jo, Kwon Oh-sung and Park Sun-woo -- will participate in the forum as panelists, the foundation said.

Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo will deliver a congratulatory address.

The foundation said it is the first time that four Combined Forces Command commanders have visited South Korea at the same time.

At the forum, the participants will discuss current challenges to the alliance and how the allies can maintain and reinforce it in the future.

Some 300 people, including academics and officials from the military and the defense industry, are expected to attend, the foundation said.

The forum, co-hosted by the Korea Defense Veterans Association, will be held once a year, alternately in Seoul and Washington.

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