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New S. Korean ambassador to UN vows to focus on Korea peace process

NEW YORK -- South Korea's new ambassador to the United Nations vowed Tuesday to focus his efforts on establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula through the global body.

Amb. Cho Hyun held a meeting with reporters at the South Korean mission to the UN, saying the multinational organization can play an important role in realizing President Moon Jae-in's vision for a Korean Peninsula peace process.

(United Nations-Yonhap)
(United Nations-Yonhap)

"My priority is what role I will play at the UN to put in place the Korean Peninsula peace process," Cho said, adding that the UN views Seoul's policies favorably.

He said the recent tensions between North Korea and the US following the breakdown of working-level denuclearization negotiations early this month appeared to be a continuation of the two countries' strategies to gain the upper hand.

He also attributed the recent deterioration of inter-Korean ties to North Korea's "whining" designed to show that it has the upper hand.

Cho took office a week ago after previously serving as South Korea's deputy ambassador to the UN, ambassador to Austria and India, and second and first vice foreign minister. (Yonhap)