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[Advertising Awards] LG Electronics’ appliances make homes healthier


By Oh Sae-chon
Vice president

Yellow dust and ultrafine dust are becoming threats to our lives as time goes by.

In light of these environmental issues, the role of home appliances has grown beyond just keeping houses clean; they also help ensure the health and safety of families.

For instance, appliances can be used to maintain air quality at home and to provide clean water all year round. Careful management of such products is also important. 

There are five types of LG Electronics health care appliances, the main subject of the prize-winning advertisement: LG Tromm dryer, LG Tromm styler, LG PuriCare 360-degree air purifier, LG PuriCare water purifier and LG DIOS electric range.

They are home appliances that consider not only the health of families but also the safety.

In addition, the company’s home appliance management service, Care Solution, is responsible for the health of families 365 days, offering regular and meticulous care.

Oh Sae-chon, LG Electronics' vice president
Oh Sae-chon, LG Electronics' vice president

In the advertisement, we wanted to express effectively that our health care appliances make possible a level of cleanliness never experienced before.

We metaphorically showed cleanliness being spread through a child running in an image with the slogan “new health care begins with Care Solution.”

The unique layout catches attention and contains fun elements, conveying the message concisely.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to the readers and staff of The Korea Herald for granting us the honor of receiving the grand prize.

LG Electronics will repay our customers with products that can help them lead healthy lives by responding to current trends. We ask for your continued support in our endeavor to realize such values.