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[팟캐스트] (322) 조국 이슈로 묻힌 국정감사, 빌보드 정상에 오른 슈퍼엠

진행자: 윤민식, Paul Kerry

1. Cho Kuk’s resignation dominates parliamentary audit of Justice Ministry

기사요약: 조국 법무부 장관의 사퇴에도 불구하고 그를 둘러싼 여야간의 정쟁은 계속되고 있다. 장관이 빠진 국정감사 기간에 야권은 그를 향한 비난 공세를 이어갔으며, 여당은 이를 "정치공세"로 규정했다.

[1] The parliamentary audit of the Justice Ministry, held Tuesday without the minister, was dominated by political wrangling over Justice Minister Cho Kuk’s resignation the previous day over corruption allegations surrounding his family.

* parliamentary audit: 국정감사
* Justice Ministry: 법무부
* dominated by: ~가 두드러지다
* wrangling: 논쟁, 다툼
* allegation: 의혹 (=suspicion)

[2] The audit proceeded with Vice Justice Minister Kim O-su taking the place of Cho, who stepped down 35 days after he was appointed amid strong resistance from the opposition parties.

* proceed: 진행되다 (<->halt: 멈추다, suspended: 중단되다)
* take place of ~: ~를 대신하다 (=substitute)
* step down: 사임하다 (= resign, <-> take office: 취임하다)

[3] The opposition bloc denounced Cho as “irresponsible” and demanded an apology from President Moon Jae-in for having appointed Cho, while the ruling Democratic Party of Korea denounced the opposition’s actions as a political offensive.

* opposition bloc: 야권 (block: 일시적인 연합)
* denounce: 비난하다 (=decry, <-> praise: 칭송하다)
* appoint: 임명하다
* political offensive: 정치공세


2. Second to top Billboard, SuperM proves K-pop’s growing potential in US

기사요약: 케이팝 슈퍼밴드인 슈퍼엠이 SM엔터테인먼트의 노하우와 캐피톨 뮤직 그룹의 유통망 등에 힘입어 빌보드 앨범 차트의 정상을 차지했다. 이는 방탄소년단에 이어 한국 뮤지션으로는 두번째 있는 일이며, 데뷔 앨범으로는 사상 최초이다.

[2] Propelled by the decadeslong expertise of K-pop powerhouse S.M. Entertainment, coupled with the distribution network of Capitol Music Group, SuperM scored a No. 1 on the main Billboard albums chart with its debut album.

* propelled by: ~로 추진력을 얻다 (<-> bogged down by: ~에 발목을 잡히다)
* decadeslong: 수십년에 달하는 (decade: 10년, century: 100년, a score: 20년)
* distribution: 유통

[2] Billboard said on its official website Monday that the septet’s debut album, “SuperM: The 1st Mini Album,” topped the Billboard 200 for the week of Oct. 19.

* septet: 7중주단, (quartet: 4중주, quintet: 5중주)
* top: 정상, 정상을 차지하다

[3] Until Monday, BTS had been the only K-pop music act that had topped the main Billboard albums chart, scoring three No. 1 hits in the span of less than two years till April.

* music act: 특정 팀/솔로 등을 망라한 단위
* in the span of~:~의 기간 동안에

[4] The latest Billboard feat makes SuperM the second K-pop act to conquer the albums chart and the first K-pop act to top the chart with its debut album.

* latest: 가장 최근의