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Dwight School Seoul offers personalized learning experience

As a leading school offering the International Baccalaureate Continuum curriculum in South Korea, Dwight School Seoul provides personalized education, discovering every student’s unique talent.

Having opened in 2012, Dwight School Seoul is the first school in Korea to establish a fully authorized International Baccalaureate Continuum curriculum. The International Baccalaureate is an international educational foundation founded in 1968 and headquartered in Geneva.

Dwight School Seoul robotics team members pose for pictures at the Vex Robotics World Championship in Kentucky, on May 1. (Dwight School Seoul)
Dwight School Seoul robotics team members pose for pictures at the Vex Robotics World Championship in Kentucky, on May 1. (Dwight School Seoul)

With a maximum enrollment of 540 students, Dwight’s Seoul campus ensures small classes that enable personalized learning environment. Students from age 3 up through high school receive IB education that encourages students to think critically and independently.

Dwight School Seoul was the first international school to open an innovative technology lab, equipped with 3D printers, woodworking, computer programming and a robotics lab. Parents of students are also invited to join activities on designated days.

Dwight School Seoul robotics team became the first international school to win the national Korea championship and went on to compete at the VEX World Championship Competition 2019.

Music, art, travel and nature trips are part of Dwight’s education program to ensure that every student can connect with something that sparks their passion to learn.

Dwight musicians have an annual performance at the Carnegie Hall and performances at prestigious events such as the British Chamber of Commerce Garden Party, and recently at Dwight’s graduation with US Ambassador Harry Harris in attendance.

Students are also required to gain real life experience through the Creativity Action Service Program that ensures a high rate of success after completion of education and involvement into the community.

Upper school students are exposed to art and culture through various trips throughout the year. London, Nepal and Kyoto are just a few of the locations students have traveled to.

The school says that the students’ time at Dwight increases the chances of their acceptance at the most prestigious universities worldwide by up to 15 percent. Students continue their education on at many well-respected universities after graduation.

With Kevin Skeoch as the head of the school, Dwight Seoul is considered leading the International Baccalaureate Curriculum -- adopted by 40 local sate schools -- in Korea.

The school is located in the Digital Media City area of northwest Seoul.

For more information about Dwight School Seoul, visit the school’s website at

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