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N. Korea’s state media slams S. Korea for deploying US stealth jets

North Korea’s state media lashed out at South Korea on Thursday for introducing F-35A fighter jets from the United States, saying it proves that Seoul has not given up its ambition to attack the North.

“This reckless act demonstrates the war-mongering force in South Korea has not given up is ambition to take a preemptive strike against us,” the Korean Central News Agency said.


“The South’s move to build up its armed forces will only justify our military measures tens of millions of times to remove things that threaten our national security both directly and indirectly,” it added, apparently referring to a series of its recent weapons tests.

North Korea has repeatedly criticized South Korea over its joint military drills with the US and plan to deploy F-35A stealth fighter jets.

South Korea plans to deploy a total of 40 F-35As through 2021.

Last month, two of them were delivered, bringing the number of deployed F-35As in the South to six.

North Korea conducted a series of weapons tests from late July in response to a weekslong joint military exercise South Korea and the US conducted last month. (Yonhap)