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SK Broadband introduces kiosks for pharmacies

SK Broadband said Thursday it had teamed up with pharma marketing company Online Pharm to introduce electronic kiosks for pharmacies.

The stand called On Kiosk, which provides Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese services, will be able to process simple drug prescriptions, offer guidelines for drug intake, and provide a queuing system for consultations. 

Pharmacist poses with On Kiosk. (SK Broadband)
Pharmacist poses with On Kiosk. (SK Broadband)

The kiosks will be able to take over routine tasks, allowing pharmacists to focus more on providing health consultations. It is also equipped with Point Of Sale software that can digitally manage drug inventories, the firm said.

Depending on the size and location of the pharmacies, SK Broadband offers a total of four types of On Kiosk models that vary in size. The smallest model can be placed on top of a desk.

By Cho Hyee-su (