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Jeju Air aims for customer-oriented business growth

Jeju Air, the country’s top low-cost carrier in terms of sales, said Wednesday that it will continue to focus on a customer-oriented business strategy for its future growth, having introduced a new seat arrangement last month as part of those efforts.

Called New Class and revealed in time for the July 4 launch of the Busan-Singapore route, the new premium service is designed for passengers who want more space between seats, the airline explained. 

(Jeju Air)
(Jeju Air)

To offer this “premium economy class” service, the air carrier reorganized its 189-seat aircraft and left 174 seats with wider spaces in between. The remodeled aircraft features 12 New Class seats and 162 economy class seats. The New Class seats will not only be more spacious but will be arranged in pairs, rather than in rows of three, the airline explained.

Jeju Air also opened the JJ Lounge on the fourth floor of Incheon International Airport in June, its first attempt as an LCC to operate an exclusive area for its passengers at the airport. 

At the JJ Lounge, which can accommodate 140 customers at a cost of 25,000 won ($20.70) for adults and 15,000 won for children, offers food, drinks and the use of a powder room, family rooms and a photo zone.
Jeju Air said it has also upgraded its customer service by storing foreign passengers’ luggage or sending it to their hotels. 

“By focusing on our business model as an LCC, Jeju Air will continue to offer price competitiveness but also develop the business model in a more customer-oriented way. This will differentiate Jeju Air’s service from those of other LCCs,” said Jeju Air CEO Lee Seok-ju in a statement. 

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