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Doosan Heavy to export parts for US small modular reactor

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, South Korea’s industrial equipment maker has agreed to provide key parts needed for construction of a small modular reactor in the United States, the company said Wednesday.

Under a partnership with NuScale Power, the South Korean company will supply parts crucial for a nuclear steam supply system and other parts for the SMR. SMR is a new kind of light water reactor for a nuclear power plant. 


The project is a part of a plan between NuScale and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems to build 12 SMRs. For use in Idaho, the SMRs will produce 720 megawatts of power in total, and are scheduled to start operation in 2026.

The company refrained to release the size of the deal. But Doosan Heavy expects to supply parts worth a combined $1.2 billion in the future.

In April, Doosan Heavy agreed to make an investment in NuScale with three other local investors. Doosan along with the three investors will inject a combined $40 million into Nuscale by end of this year.

Doosan Heavy has so far supplied 32 nuclear reactors and 114 steam supply facilities overseas including China and the United Arab Emirates.

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