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Surfing, paddling at private beaches in Sol Beach resorts

Sol Beach Hotel & Resort is running a surfing school program, allowing guests to learn surfing and riding a paddle board at the private beaches of the properties.

Resorts in Yangyang and Samcheok are running the programs until the end of September. Participants will take 60- or 90-minute lessons, including safety instructions.
(Daemyeong Hotel & Resort)
(Daemyeong Hotel & Resort)

(Daemyeong Hotel & Resort)
(Daemyeong Hotel & Resort)

In the peak season of July and August, six classes will be held every day, and there will be lessons four times a day in September.

At the Yangyang resort, surfing lessons cost 60,000 won per session and paddleboard lessons 50,000 won, including tickets for Aqua World, a swimming pool complex within the resort.

At the Samcheok resort, surfing lessons cost 50,000 won per session and paddleboard lessons 40,000 won. Participants can receive a 10,000 won discount for Aqua World entrance.

“In the past three years, Yangyang and Samcheok have been rising to fame as surfing beaches. With the new expressway, it is easier to access the cities. We are expecting more surfers in the area,” an official from Daemyeong Hotel & Resort, the operator of Sol Beach Hotel & Resorts, said.

“As the lessons will be constructed at private beaches in the resorts, participants can enjoy surfing in a safer environment, with a smaller crowd trying to catch the wave simultaneously,” the official said.

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