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Over 1,500 homes in Seoul have water cut off

Over 1,500 households at a large apartment complex in Seoul have had no access to water since Monday evening due to a ruptured pipe.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Tuesday that its waterworks office dispatched a support team to the apartment complex in Seoul’s west-central district of Seodaemun-gu at around 8 p.m. Monday, after a report of a flooding situation in the basement. The water valves were shut off to prevent further flooding, blocking water supplies to all households.


The city waterworks office sent a 2-ton water truck to the apartment complex Monday night, along with 1,080 bottles of tap water and 1,500 packs of drinking water. Three emergency water fountains were also installed using water pipes in the streets.

Seodaemun district Rep. Lee Jong-suk of the Democratic Party, who was at the scene until 1:30 a.m. following the water outage complaint, said the district office was still in the process of “locating the exact cause of the water pipe rupture” in a phone call with The Korea Herald on Tuesday morning.

“Restoration work will begin after the water is drained out of the water storage unit,” Lee said. “Meanwhile, the Seoul waterworks office and the fire department will work to make sure drinking water and other water needs are taken care of.”

The head of the building’s management office said the water facilities would most likely be restored by Tuesday night.

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