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Song Joong-ki’s divorce announcement has people guessing who is responsible

Actor Song Joong-ki’s announcement Thursday morning that he has filed for divorce from Song Hye-kyo has raised speculations about whether one of them was responsible for breaking up the marriage.

While some are claiming that Song Hye-kyo must be responsible for the divorce as it was Song Joong-ki who announced it, others have argued against such excessive speculation.


Song Joong-ki filed for divorce through law firm Lee & Ko on Wednesday. According to the law firm, it was the actor’s wish to make an official announcement about the divorce.

It is unusual for a star to voluntarily announce his or her own divorce. Typically stars reveal their divorce after the fact or keep quiet until the story breaks in the news.

The timing of the announcement is seen as even more unusual, as tvN’s fantasy drama series “Arthdal Chronicles,” which stars the actor, is about halfway through its run. Stars usually avoid mention of their personal lives when productions are running, worried about how it may affect the show.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo’s respective attorneys said the two stars are likely to settle without a trial. According to the lawyers, they have both agreed to divorce, but have disagreements as to details of the proceedings.

By Im Eun-byel (
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