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Daewoo E&C ramps up security with next-gen system

South Korea’s leading construction firm, Daewoo Engineering and Construction, said Wednesday that it has upgraded its five-zone security system, dubbed the 5ZSS, as part of its strategy for the new Prugio apartment complexes.

In line with the firm’s five-zone clean air system, or 5ZCS, which filters out fine dust, the newly upgraded 5ZSS takes a systematic approach to crime and accident prevention by using advanced technologies tailored for each of an apartment complex’s five zones. The idea is to protect residents from the time they approach the complex until they are safe in their own homes, the company explained.

Concept illustration for Daewoo E&C’s 5ZSS (Daewoo E&C)
Concept illustration for Daewoo E&C’s 5ZSS (Daewoo E&C)

The new 5ZSS will be applied to new complexes in Gocheok-dong, part of Seoul’s Guro district, and Prugio the First in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province, where units are ready to go on sale from next month.

One can experience the system at the company’s Summit Gallery in Daechi-dong, Seoul.

More specifically, the 5ZSS features more closed circuit televisions outdoors, night vision (known as “Starlight”) on all CCTVs, and the use of internet of things technology to connect residents’ smartphones with the entry passcode system.

The doors to every apartment will have push-pull digital door locks that recognize homeowners’ fingerprints, the firm said, so as to minimize time spent at the door.