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South African man sent to court for attempt to smuggle 20 kg of marijuana

A South African man, 40, was caught trying to smuggle marijuana at Jeju Airport, prosecutors said Monday.

According to the Jeju District Prosecutors’ Office, the suspect was arrested June 2 after 20 kilograms of marijuana wrapped in plastic were found in his luggage during a customs inspection. He was sent to court on suspicions of violating the narcotics law.


This is the largest amount of drugs attempted to be smuggled at Jeju Airport and amounts to about half of the total amount of marijuana seized by police in 2017.

Last October, a South African woman, 57, was caught with 18.28 kg of marijuana in her checked-in luggage. The two attempts follow the legalization of cannabis for personal use in South Africa.

Prosecutors said they have not been able to trace the incidents to a possible drug-dealing operator here that could be linked to the smuggling of marijuana.

By Kim Arin (
Korea Herald daum