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Riot Games Korea returns two more overseas Korean artifacts

Riot Games Korea and the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation unveiled 19th century royal relics retrieved from overseas Wednesday at the National Palace Museum of Korea.

The treasures returned to Korea this time are a square-shaped 19th century white porcelain jar with the inscription of the palace Idonggung and a stamp with an auspicious beast for a handle to represent the palace Junghwagung. The National Palace Museum of Korea will look after and study the artifacts.



The OKCHF said it cast the winning bid for these items at an auction in New York in March, with funds provided by Riot Games Korea.

This is the fifth case of the return of historic treasures to Korea from overseas with the help of funds provided by the maker of League of Legends.

The OKCHF, since its founding in 2012, has successfully reclaimed 373 artifacts in 23 cases, of which five cases were done so with funds from Riot Games Korea.

Riot Games Korea helped retrieve Shakyamuni Triad from the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Virginia, US in 2014, and the Bamboo Investiture Book for the Crown Princess of Hyomyeong from an auction in France in 2018 and the Printing Woodblocks of the Collection of Kim Dohwa (Cheogam)’s Writings from a lot that was to go up in a small auction in Germany in April.


The League of Legends company has donated over 5 billion won ($4.2 million) in the eight years it has partnered with OKCHF for its outreach efforts.

Other than the retrieval of lost national treasures, Riot Games Korea also provides for the maintenance of royal palaces in Korea and for the reconstruction of the Old Korean Legation Museum in US capital Washington as well as the house of Korean poet Yi Sang in Jongno, Seoul.

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