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LKP holds open auditions to pick young vice spokesperson

The main opposition Liberty Korea Party held open auditions Tuesday to recruit a young vice spokesperson in a bid to woo young people ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections.

Some 70 people applied for the position, and of those who passed the document screening, around 10 were to be selected through the auditions at the party headquarters in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

The party had previously recruited spokespersons through recommendations and document screening.


Formally dressed applicants introduced themselves on the stage, and read out commentaries that they wrote for the document screening round.

The applicants included university students, office workers, unemployed people and local council members.

Jang Neung-in, who recently served as Liberty Korea Party spokesman, and a former party administrative official Hwang Kyu-hwan also took part in the auditions.

Kim Joon-kyo, who had been a candidate for the Liberty Korea Party’s youth supreme council member in February’s national convention, didn’t make it through the document screening.

The finalists will issue commentaries on political topics, communicate with journalists, and represent young people, the party said. The party is also considering having them accompany its chairman Hwang Kyo-ahn on his official schedules.

The Liberty Korea Party also recruited for three weeks starting April 15, young people and college students to serve on its central youth committees.

The new members of the Liberty Korea Party’s central youth committees will be assigned youth-related program planning, policy research and election campaigning on social media.

The Liberty Korea Party’s think-tank invited young reporters, politicians and their assistants to a conference last week titled “Millennials Discuss LKP.”

Shin Bo-ra, chief of the Liberty Korea Party’s central youth committee, said they were planning to create an indoor children’s playground within the party headquarters building to invite young couples and their children to make child care policy proposals.

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