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WINNER to drop new album fronted by cheerful breakup song

Four-piece K-pop boy band WINNER will release a new album, "WE," Wednesday, returning to the music scene with the band's full lineup.

The title of the new album, scheduled to hit the shelves Wednesday evening, stresses "the synergy the four members with unique personalities create when they get together as the band WINNER," their talent agency, YG Entertainment, said.

The album carries four new songs, including the main track, "Ah Yeah," as well as "Zoo" and "MOLA."

It also has two bonus tracks -- a remix of the band's 2018 song "Everyday" and "First Love" -- according to YG.

(YG Entertainment)
(YG Entertainment)

"Ah Yeah" is a summer song that uniquely depicts the moment of a breakup in a bright, cheerful mood. 

"I wanted to reverse the tendency that many breakup songs focus on the sentiment of longing and heartbreaking," YG quoted Seungyoon as saying. He composed the song and wrote its lines as well.

"Breaking up is hurtful and hard, but I think walking away cleanly could make a happy ending for each other as the song says," he said.

"Zoo" is, meanwhile, composed and written by another member Mino.

Ahead of the album's official release at 6:00 p.m., the four members will talk to their fans through the live online streaming service Naver V Live. (Yonhap)