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KMS given Presidential Award for fire-extinguishing IoT system

KMS, which specializes in internet of things solutions for fire safety and prevention, received the Presidential Award for its automatic fire-extinguishing system at the 11th Industrial Safety Awards this year, the venture company said Wednesday.


NAGA Fireguard is an IoT-based automatic fire-extinguishing sensor that allows real-time monitoring and prevention of fire. Installed in places that are often difficult to reach or dangerous, such as underground communal areas or high-voltage electrical room, the system has sensor tubes that detect and prevent major fire hazards by sending real-time alerts.


“It is hard to do regular checks and maintenance of existing fire sensors, but NAGA Fireguard utilizes NACOM, an in-house IoT device that sends data to your communication devices,” the company said.

KMS is currently developing a platform called i-KMS that collects existing big data on fire hazards and uses this to predict fire hazards before they occur.

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