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S. Korea issues travel ban for Myanmar-Bangladesh border

South Korea's foreign ministry said Tuesday that it has decided to issue its highest-level travel restriction to ban travel by its citizens in the northern part of Myanmar's Rakhine state that borders Bangladesh, citing high safety risks.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued its second-highest travel warning, recommending the evacuation of areas neighboring China, Laos, Thailand and India in Myanmar.

It issued the third-highest alert of its four-tier travel warning system to call for extra precautions in the states of Kachin and some parts of Shan in the northeastern region as well.

Other areas of Myanmar were issued the first-level alert, blue.

The ministry said the decision was based on the outbreak of armed disputes in some regions of Myanmar.

"We plan to keep a watchful eye on Myanmar's political situations and safety environment and continue to review the necessity to issue further travel alerts," an official from the foreign ministry said. (Yonhap)